It is necessary to dominate the mix, the natural frequency range. High grade, medium frequency should not be, and / or contribute to significantly lower or removed from their natural frequencies.
Remember, the goal is a mixture of sounds like a sample. It will look like a good mix even small or opaque than the typical song. This may seem like a low-end media, even a little bit confusing and vague, but you must resist and painful hours trying to get the perfect sound on the other. This is particularly important as the artist of the house.
If you save all the songs and we understand that the frequencies linguistic engineer. The system uses a specific management CD Mastering tools can identify and locate specific frequencies to increase or ed-emphasized as desired.
Control of the system is also available for the image of stereo separation and around, all we want. He opened the mixture and use only in nature. But the sound of the mixture is relatively natural.
We need to give the system enough for most brilliance and sparkle of our blends.Diễn đàn Sinh Viên ĐẠI NAMDiễn đàn Sinh Viên ĐẠI NAM